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17 Clever Bathroom Renovation Tips for Beginners - Video


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This video shares 17 clever bathroom renovation tips for beginners
If you're remodeling a bathroom and need help, visit homerepairtutor.com 

  • 0:00 How to remove a toilet without spilling water
  • 0:17 How to remove vinyl floors 
  • 0:38 How to remove tile bathroom floors 
  • 1:04 How to install penny tile bathroom floor
  • 2:02 How to quick install cement board floors
  • 2:29 How to waterproof cement board floors
  • 3:00 How to set tile next to bathtubs
  • 3:28 How to install recessed lights in bathrooms
  • 3:55 How to install a toilet flange over tile floors
  • 4:25 How to fix running toilets with a fill valve
  • 5:17 How to replace toilet water supply lines
  • 5:49 How to quickly cut holes in bathroom vanities
  • 6:47 How to add bathroom vanity sink tops
  • 6:56 How to tile a bathroom vanity backsplash
  • 7:40 How to self-level a bathroom floor 
  • 7:50 How to install a bathtub with a stringer
  • 8:08 How to set 12x24 porcelain tiles inside a bathtub
  • 9:05 How to build a custom shower niche


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