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Turning A Trashed Garage into My First Dream Garage!! *DIY Garage Makeover* - Video


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So I just bought my very first house and the previous owners trashed the place! The garage was horrible smelling like smoke and was covered in all sorts of filth and grime. The concrete garage floor was disgusting and all the walls has hundreds of holes. In todays video I renovate my new garage and turn this trashy space into my first dream garage. I show how to epoxy the garage floor, patch drywall holes and apply primer to the walls and ceiling. Then I use the wall paint and ceiling paint to get everything looking perfect along with adding an LED light for the garage. The floor needed 4 scrubbings to just clean out the grime and dirt, then we used TSP to deal clean the concrete, then we used concrete etching to prep the surface for the epoxy. This was a ton of work and took me about two weeks since at the same time we re painted the entire house and I had several YouTube video to film. So this has been a busy few weeks but all came together! This rennovation project was a lot of work! But I love the new Husky tool bench that I got for a good deal. When I need more garage storage I'll get some Husky cabinets to really maximize space! The LED garage lighting really makes the cars pop and lights up the work space.


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