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Complete Renovation of a Traditional Stone Roof in the Italian Alps - Video


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The renovation of the first roof in one video. I started in July 2022 and got it weather tight just before the snow arrived in November. The rain gutters are made of wood, which took me a long time, dealing with the challenges of winter. In early February the roof was already finished, but I wanted to include the finishing of outside walls in this video as well, which was done in between other jobs. If you want to see the full works and everyday life on the homestead, you can watch weekly videos, which are numbered.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:31 Scaffolding
  • 2:50 Taking the stones off
  • 5:45 The building plan
  • 6:45 New beams arrived
  • 12:38 Concrete ring beam
  • 19:37 Rafters
  • 28:28 Roof boards
  • 34:24 Vapor barriors and insulation
  • 40:57 Raising the stone walls
  • 46:22 Skylight
  • 56:13 Battens and walls
  • 1:00:00 Putting the stones back on
  • 1:03:34 Finding more stones
  • 1:10:17 Start with the rain gutters
  • 1:15:35 Finishing the skylight
  • 1:20:00 First snow
  • 1:23:57 Closing the roof
  • 1:27:00 Roof perimeter
  • 1:29:49 First rain gutter
  • 1:35:00 Second rain gutter
  • 1:38:00 Taking down the scaffolding
  • 1:41:00 Finishing up the other side
  • 1:48:00 Finishing the walls
  • 1:53:48 Outro Monologue


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