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Do It Right! How to Fix a Broken Window Pane - Video


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How do you replace the glazing in a single hung window?  In this episode Jordan walks you through the process of replacing a broken window pane step by step.
Replacing a non-operable window pane can be slightly more complicated than in a window where the sash can be removed because you have to work on both sides of the wall, instead of simply removing the sash and working on a work bench.
However, it is steill a pretty simple straightforward task and can be accomplished in less than a hour if you have the right tools and know what to expect.

  • Step 1: Tape off broken window to prevent shattering and a messy cleanup
  • Step 2: Mask window frame to prevent silicone from squeezing out onto it
  • Step 3: Cut exterior retention beads and remove
  • Step 4: Cut interior silicone bead
  • Step 5: Remove broken pane with double ended window tool.
  • Step 6: Remove old silicone bead from window frame (be sure to keep the spacers!)
  • Step 7: Dry fit the new window pane and mask the interior next to the window frame to prevent excess silicone from contacting the glass.
  • Step 8: Apply silicone to exterior of window frame
  • Step 9: Set window on saved spacers
  • Step 10: Apply new exterior retention beads
  • Step 11: Clean Up!


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