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DIY Front Door Replacement (How to Replace a Front Door Step-by-Step) - Video


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Learn how to Replace a Front Door with this DIY Step-by-Step Video!

Replacing the front door on your home is a relatively easy DIY project that can dramatically increase your home's curb appeal. Whether you are replacing your existing front door or installing a front door for the first time on a new construction home, this video will show you every step in the DIY front door replacement process.

For a written front door replacement guide, you can check out my blog linked here: https://atimprovements.com/front-door-replacement/

To replace a front door, you will need to follow these steps:

  • 1. Measure Your Existing Front Door and Purchase a Replacement Door 
  • 2. Remove existing front door
  • 3. Prepare The Front Door's Rough Opening for the Installation of a new Front Door
  • 4. Install The Sill Plate at the Base of the Front Door's Rough Opening
  • 5. Install Flashing Around the Front Door's Rough Opening
  • 6. Dry Fit the New Front Door Within the Rough Opening
  • 7. Apply Caulk Sealant to the Sill Plate, Brickmould, etc. 
  • 8. Lift the New Front Door in Place Within the Rough Opening
  • 9. Shim the Front Door and Check for Plumb
  • 10. Attach the new front door to the rough opening framing
  • 11. Apply expanding spray foam insulation in the gap between the door and the rough framing 
  • 12. Caulk around the Brickmould to prevent water infiltration behind the front door
  • 13. Replace the front door casing on the inside of the home
  • 14. Install a new Door Handle on the front door
  • 15. Paint the Front Door (if desired)


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