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How To Build a Deck - Why Most People Are Building Decks The Hard Way - Video


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Learn how to a build a floating deck + why this simple change will make your deck building easier and faster. Tips to frame a deck, build a deck, install joists, flash your deck, what tools + fasteners  you'll need. Learn how to install instant low-profile deck blocks to build a floating deck + ground level decks FAST. Tips to building a deck, rim joists, install joist hangers, how to square a deck on your own, why deck blocking is essential. How to prevent a floating deck foundation block from sinking. How to use Camo hidden fasteners, for pressure treated wood, composite decking and PVC decking. If you have any questions on building your own DIY Deck let me know! Deck building is one of the most rewarding outdoor projects you can do! Happy Deck Building!  

For our American friends, if you are installing decking (wet wood), your deck boards are usually installed with a 1/16" spacing. Be sure to check! It's a tighter spacing than in this video. I've included the CAMO Marksman Pro-X1 link for you below which has the 1/16" spacing guide. 

  • 00:00 2 Foundation Systems for Floating Decks: What's the difference?
  • 00:27 How To Prevent a Floating Deck from Sinking
  • 01:18 How to Set First + Second Corner Deck Block
  • 02:03 Level Check 4 Corner Deck Blocks 
  • 03:27 How To Frame Deck: Substructure/Rim Joists
  • 05:19  Easiest Way To Square a Deck on your own
  • 06:15 Tip: keep deck frame square
  • 06:31 How to test + level all joists before installation 
  • 06:59 Installing joists + hangers 
  • 08:24 How to Size Joist Hangers + Fasteners
  • 08:44 End Grain Sealer: Where to use 
  • 09:24 Why Blocking is a Must! 
  • 10:03 Max. Overhang 12" on Deck Blocks
  • 10:18 Waterproofing Deck Substructure with Deck Flashing Tape 
  • 11:03 Why is Deck Flashing Tape Important? 
  • 11:25 Best Decking on a budget 
  • 11:38 Installing First Deck Board Hidden Fastener Method: Camo deck fastening system
  • 12:37 Camo Hidden Fastener Deck System Installation 
  • 14:50 Need Privacy?
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