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How to Build a Garage - Ultimate Step-by-step Guide - Video


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In this video, I will show you how to build a garage. I also go over the cost and how long it took to build this garage. In this step by step guide for beginners, I show how to build the garage walls, headers, roof and much more! This informative video walks you through the process of constructing a detached garage from start to finish. Get ready to acquire valuable skills and knowledge as we demonstrate each crucial aspect of the construction process. Watch now and learn how to build a detached garage! Here is the link to part 2 of this video   
How To Build A Garage - ULTIMATE STEP...  . This is part 5 of Garage Build Series. Checkout this playlist to watch the other videos Build A Garage Playlist   

  • How To Install Sill Plates 01:10
  • How To Layout A Wall 03:54
  • How To Build Header And Jacks 10:30
  • How To Nail A Wall Together 15:31
  • How To Stand And Brace Walls 18:53
  • How To Build A Header With 2x12s 21:20
  • How To Install Wall Sheathing 24:07
  • How To Build LVL Garage Header 31:31
  • How To Set Posts On Concrete 35:00
  • Setting 26’ LVL Beam 39:26
  • How To Straighten Walls 40:59
  • How To Prep Gable Trusses 45:49
  • How To Place Truss Layout On Walls 52:03
  • How To Install Hurricane Ties 54:08
  • How To Setup A String line For Truss Setting 57:23
  • How To Set Trusses 59:43
  • How To Install Subfloor 1:02:00
  • How To Install Roof Sheathing 1:02:42
  • Cost and Time Breakdown 01:09:17
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