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How I Built a French Drain to Improve Drainage on Clay Soil - Video


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Greetings and welcome to my channel, this video explains 6 steps I came up with for building a french drain to improve drainage over suburban clay soil.

Here in Austin Texas, new suburbs have dense clay soil brought in for building home foundations. In most cases developers plan for drainage, but in my case, there are some ongoing drainage issues. I've built this french drain to get rid of standing water in my backyard, and to remedy root rot issues for my backyard orchard's peach trees.

Improving the clay soil was an option here, but given the size of my backyard, I figured a french drain would be a better solution.

  • Video Chapter Timestamps - 
  • 0:00 The Problem
  • 2:48 Step 1 - Identify Drainage Problems
  • 5:02 Step 2 - Gather Building Materials
  • 6:56 Step 3 - Dig Your Trench
  • 7:46 Step 4 - Wrap The Pipe To Keep Out Mud
  • 8:34 Step 5 - Line The Trench
  • 9:28 Step 6 - Bury Pipe
  • 12:06 Closing Thoughts

Thanks again for watching Austin Texas Gardening!

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