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Replacing Windows in a Brick Home the Right Way - Video


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Jeff visits a job site today to answer one of the questions we hear most often, "How do you replace a window in brick?" One of our crew leaders, Brandon, walks us through the process, from tearing-out to caulking-in, step by step.

  • 00:00 Intro to window replacement
  • 02:20 Measuring for the replacement
  • 06:06 Removing the old window
  • 07:24 Sash removal
  • 07:54 Glass removal
  • 11:25 Collapsing the frame
  • 13:55 Prepping the opening
  • 16:13 Setting the new window
  • 18:54 Leveling the sill
  • 21:38 Securing the frame
  • 24:00 Sealing with foam
  • 26:20 Caulking the window


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